About Me

I am a computer technician with over 16 years of experience repairing and building computers.  I currently work as a Unix Systems Administrator and previously worked for the Geek Squad as an in-home technician for a little more than 7 years.

I am the owner and founder of MichaelPain.com and ComputerRepairGuy.net.  The development of these sites has been put on hold for 7 years due to possible conflicts of interest with my previous employer. Now that these restrictions no longer apply, the construction of these sites may now proceed.

Do keep in mind I am not a web developer and these sites are a constant side project.  If something on the sites does not look right or does not work in your web browser please submit a bug report to [email protected] with details of your Operating System version as well as what web browser and version you are using.  Please make sure to have the latest updates for flash and java prior to submitting a report.  I will be dynamically adding content on a regular basis.

My skills include but are not limited to the following:



    Networking Related:

  • setup of small home and office networks
  • wireless security configuration
  • static IP configuration/custom networking
  • wireless configuration of computers/laptops/gaming consoles, i-phones/pods/pads, other tablets, printers, blu-ray players, etc.
  • setup remote access and support
  • file sharing / networked storage


    Video Game Related:

  • wireless setup / system updates / initial configuration
  • includes unboxing, wiring, configuration/updates, upgraded firmware
  • Wii – unlock the wii to its full potential, root access to install custom applications including the homebrew channel. Play emulators of your favorite games from NES/SNES/SEGA/N64 via an SD Card or external USB hard drive / record your existing games to the hard drive for diskless gameplay via the homebrew channel and USB Loader.
  • PS3/PS4 – setup, HD configuration, setup of the Playstation Network and Netflix apps.
  • Xbox360/One – old/new version wireless setup, updates, xbox live setup, netflix app setup. Media sharing to windows media center capable home PC on the same network.


    Home Theater Related:

  • setup of basic tv/cable to more advanced setup
  • setup of home theatre surround sound including blu-ray, tv, cable box and other components/game consoles. Wireless configuration if applicable.
  • NOTE: running wires through walls and wall mounting Tvs/equipment cannot be done by myself. Also electrical lines need to be run first (NJ code does not permit power cables going through a wall)