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Items added to sale section. Check it out.

Hey everyone,

Added some point of sale related items to the sale section.  Motorola barcode scanner and a UPS label printer.  Check the pages for details.

Also I found some ECC DDR and upgraded the Supermicro server to 14GB with no change in price… See the link in the sales section for full specifications.

Intel Atom Dual Core desktop added as well.

Sorry for the downtime

Hey All,

Had a few hours of downtime today due to a corrupted .htaccess file.  For some reason wordpress likes to update and corrupt the .htaccess every so often for no apparent reason.  I am currently investigating which plugin could be causing this problem.  If anyone out there has experience with w3 super cache, i believe it is the root cause of my problems.  It appears to keep adding lines for mod_rewrite to my .htaccess right before it goes corrupt.  Making the .htaccess file read-only breaks a bunch of stuff so that is not an option.  I am open to suggestions.