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RHCSA Certification

Hacked By SA3D HaCk3D – not anymore you asshats!

Site was recently exploited due to a wordpress flaw in 4.7.1.  Script-kiddie like exploit allowed the scumbags to change my last post which I recovered from wayback machine.  Exploit was first found a couple weeks ago and I haven’t been staring at wordpress waiting for updates so I gather this is partially my fault.  Oh well.  Fixed.

Note to the hackers(laxly used term): I update this blog a few times a year if that.  Go find something more productive to do.

ESXI Host storage upgrade

Successfully replaced 2 x 120GB Mushkin Chronos SSDs with 2 x 250GB Crucial MX200 SSDs.  VMs dispersed evenly.  VM storage is no longer full.  ESXI host logs moved to the new Crucial RAID1.

Removed deprecated Bublaa forum as it is no longer supported by it’s publisher.  Replaced with a new forum which is a work in progress.

Long overdue overhaul under way.

Finally got around to doing some work on my server rack and machines.  After nearly 2 years of up-time I realized 6 of 8 fans were either grinding or not spinning at all.  Ordered Noctua replacement 80mm/40mm replacement fans with SSO2 bearings which are very quiet and have high airflow.

Phase one of updates, shutdown ESXI host which accounted for service/site downtime today.  Cleaned out the machine and replaced all intake fans as well as hot swap bay fan.  Clonezilla copy of the original USB stick with ESXI failed, server would not boot off the cloned USB.  Used the ESX CLI and exported the configuration file.  I then proceeded to do a fresh installation of ESXI 5.1 799733 and imported the backup configuration successfully.  OS now working off a brand new 16GB Sandisk USB stick.  Patched to ESXI 5.1 Update 2 1483097 and all VMs have recovered successfully.

Phase two to commence over the next day or so.  Storage NAS will be taken offline for cleaning and fan replacement which will account for Plex and Subsonic downtime.  Currently running a backup of 8TB of data to external USB disks before proceeding.

Stay Tuned.

Michael Pain Forum Launched!

I set up a new forum where Q/A and other chats can be conducted on the site.  You must request access to the forum and for now nobody can create new topics until I confirm the security and stability of the forum.  Stay tuned for updates.

My Rack after upgrades!


Added an old Dell to sale section.

Hey all, added a cheap desktop to the sale section.  It’s a basic internet PC / workstation.  For $60 don’t expect to play anything other than minesweeper/solitaire on this thing.

Prices dropped!

I have lowered the prices on some items in the sale section.  Trying to save some money for holiday gifts.


Trendnet 16 Port rackmount switch with rack ears and original packaging – $80

Supermicro Server 2×2.4GHZ/14GB/4x72GB(HP U320)9xGbit Ethernet – $125

Dell Dimension 2400 Desktop 2.2GHZ/2GB/80GB/LCD/Speakers and more – $80 SOLD

Intel Atom Dual Core Desktop 2.13GHZ/4GB/500GB – $240 SOLD

Zebra Eltron LP2844 UPS Label Printer – $200

Still have a few leftover HP U320 3.5″ SCSI Drives

Added some items to the sale section

Added an older Dell desktop computer system, includes everything you need to get started as secondary or office PC.  See the page for details.

Lowered some prices to move things a bit quicker.  Supermicro Opteron server is now $125, New Atom PC is now $240.

Hardware upgrades.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the downtime during the last few days.  All of my equipment has been down for an overhaul.  I upgraded my switch and began re-wiring my entire solution.  Added a few more gigabit nics to my servers for load-balancing and redundancy.


Currently Functional: web server

CRG Subsonic Media Server

CRG Minecraft Server


Currently Down:

CRG Private Battlenet – Expected completion by end of day today.

CRG Realm WOW Server – Will be down until further notice.

CRG Teamspeak Server – Expected completion by end of day today.