Hardware upgrades.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for the downtime during the last few days.  All of my equipment has been down for an overhaul.  I upgraded my switch and began re-wiring my entire solution.  Added a few more gigabit nics to my servers for load-balancing and redundancy.


Currently Functional:

www.michaelpain.com web server

CRG Subsonic Media Server

CRG Minecraft Server


Currently Down:

CRG Private Battlenet – Expected completion by end of day today.

CRG Realm WOW Server – Will be down until further notice.

CRG Teamspeak Server – Expected completion by end of day today.

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  1. mpain says:

    CRG Private Battlenet and CRG Teamspeak Server have been working since the evening of the original post. All services restored less the WOW server which will be down until I get around to fixing it.

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