16 port gigabit rackmount switch for sale

I upgraded to a 24 port managed switch and my old one is up for grabs.  It is a trendnet fanless 16 port gigabit green switch that supports jumbo frames. I will be adding pics and more details to the sale section later this evening.

Items added to sale section. Check it out.

Hey everyone,

Added some point of sale related items to the sale section.  Motorola barcode scanner and a UPS label printer.  Check the pages for details.

Also I found some ECC DDR and upgraded the Supermicro server to 14GB with no change in price… See the link in the sales section for full specifications.

Intel Atom Dual Core desktop added as well.

Sorry for the downtime

Hey All,

Had a few hours of downtime today due to a corrupted .htaccess file.  For some reason wordpress likes to update and corrupt the .htaccess every so often for no apparent reason.  I am currently investigating which plugin could be causing this problem.  If anyone out there has experience with w3 super cache, i believe it is the root cause of my problems.  It appears to keep adding lines for mod_rewrite to my .htaccess right before it goes corrupt.  Making the .htaccess file read-only breaks a bunch of stuff so that is not an option.  I am open to suggestions.


Windows 7 Dell desktop added to sale section.

Cheap windows 7 Dell desktop added today with AMD CPU, 8GB brand new crucial DDR3 memory and a fresh reload.  Check the sales section for more details.

2014 Ford Mustang GT Wheels added to sale section

Hey guys,

My dad got another Mustang and purchased some custom wheels to replace the stock GT rims.  They were only used for a few days and in perfect condition.  Set of 4 in boxes ready for whoever wants them.  See the sale section for pics and details.

An Old Dell Desktop Added to Sale Section

I have an older Dell Desktop with Windows XP for sale for those who refuse to leave the early 2000’s behind.  It works well and all hardware is fine, but don’t expect it to be the greatest things since sliced bread.  The price reflects the value, still a pretty good contender for an office environment.

AMD Dual Core Desktop Added to Sale Section

I have added a new item to the sale section.  Basically I upgraded my main PC and used some parts from that along with a bunch of new parts to create an extra PC for sale.  It is energy efficient, quiet, and pretty quick with a little overclock and tweaking done by yours truly. Let me know if you are interested.

DL360 G5 Servers Added to Sale Section.

Hey everyone,

Added a few HP Proliant Servers to the Sale section of the site.  Prices listed are for servers themselves, corresponding power cords depending on how many power supplies, but no hard drives.  I ordered 10 brand new HP 72GB SAS drives for $30 each that I will need to at least break even on.  Price listed plus how many hard drives you want.  I can include rack rails for $10 per pair.

If you have any inquiries please call me or submit a question in the contact us section and I will get back to you ASAP.

Please no calls after 11PM EST.  Thanks.

Yardwork Phase I


So I ripped up the old dead bushes, and after 1 yard of topsoil, 1000lbs of rocks, 4 bushes and a partially crippled back I have some of my landscaping done.

Used mesh material under the rocks to allow the soil to get water.  Got the rocks from a local nursery Twin Pond Farms right on route 9 in Howell.  1 1/4″ Candy Cane is what it is called.  The bricks in front I picked up from Home Depot.

The stone walkway was original but I plan on redoing / sprucing it up a bit and replacing the outer wood lining with bricks as well.  The solar walkway lights work really well too.

MichaelPain.com has now gone pro!


Check out my new server rack.  Some would say it’s excessive but friggin sweet!  Just updated the picture to include my new NAS with hot-swappable drive bays and an 8 port KVM.