Now buying old computers and equipment.

Hey everyone,

I’m running out of things to sell and am now buying things for my inventory.  Let me know if you have old computers you don’t use anymore.  I will run tests and make you an offer with cash.  I am also looking for server-grade hardware and a larger server rack for my equipment.


Thanks Everyone!

Hey All,

Just wanted to thank everyone for their support and buying my stuff over the last few months.  It definitely helped with Christmas presents and bills this holiday season.  Sorry for the lack of inventory but I will have more things up for sale soon.


I am now taking custom computer order requests.  You may submit them to me in e-mail as to basic specs and I can send you a few options with pricing.  If you don’t know what you need but know what you want to be able to do on your PC I can also make recommendations for you.

As always I am still doing computer work by request so feel free to ask.  Hope everyone has a Happy New Year! order issue.

(Note: Image was accidentally deleted from my media folder.  It’s an old post anyway)

So I ordered a few hundred batteries on discount from the other day.  I got the following:

2×72 Packs AA

2×72 Packs AAA

2×8 Packs C

2×8 Packs D

All arrived pretty quick and on time for Christmas, however if you see in the picture one has already failed and crusted over all over the inside of the package.

I have since sent a message to woot support because this is the first time in years I have ever experienced a problem with them.  I am waiting for their response to this issue.  It’s just a shame that it will likely cost more to ship this back than to just call it a day and use the remaining batteries, though an odd amount.

Maybe they can offer free shipping on my next purchase or something, we’ll have to wait and see.

Electrical Problems Strike Again!

So the site went down yet again due to a faulty GFI outlet in my bathroom.  Yes my house has daisy chained electric all over the place.  Luckily I have a Mr. Fix-it  type family friend named George. is his website.  He is great for all kinds of handyman work.  I called him at 9:15PM and he was at my house by 9:45PM to give me a hand re-wiring the outlet.

Hopefully this faulty outlet was what kept causing the breaker to pop.  Seems stable for now. new and improved!

Hey everyone.  Sorry for the 24 hour downtime.  I was in the process of upgrading my main server and we are now back up and operational.  The site now loads approximately 50% faster and I have successfully lowered my carbon footprint by using about 25% less power for the new server. has gone green!

I will be selling my old server hardware which was as follows:


CPU-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ Quad Core

RAM-8GB G.Skill PC-1333 DDR3 Dual Channel Kit

Motherboard-Foxconn G41MXE Socket 775 with Gigabit Ethernet

The motherboard and ram are practically new since I built this server back in May, however I needed more ram and power to handle a few other projects of mine.  You can find these parts still available on  Make me an offer.

Gripe with Verizon FIOS today.

So just to rant a bit, I called Verizon FIOS to notify them of a line that is hanging down over my street intersection.  I don’t need a garbage truck or some idiot kid hanging on the wire and making me lose tv and internet for a week.  Regardless that was not the main issue.  They scheduled a crew to fix the wire tomorrow… no biggie.

And now the gripe.  Afterwards he asked if I needed anything else.  I said yes my cable box menus freeze up constantly.  He was like I can push a refresh to the cable boxes.  Not thinking hmmmn maybe this is not a good idea I said sure.  10 minutes after I get off the phone I get an e-mail alert that is down.  Apparently the numbskull at Verizon reset my router and killed all my static IPs and port forwarding rules, thus completely taking me down for the day.

Note to self:  Whenever Verizon offers to do something always ask will this affect me negatively once I am off the phone with them? Down Again!

Due to the noreaster named Athena a bunch of trees knocked out power in my area for about 18 hours.  The site is back up now.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Seriously considering getting e generator.

Superstorm Sandy takes down

Hey Folks,

Sorry about the downtime.  Sandy knocked out the power for about 4 days in my area and my server battery backup was needed to charge cell phones and emergency lights.  The site is back up and all other services restored.  Please keep your neighbors in mind that are struggling to rebuild and stay warm in the upcoming cold weather.  Stay strong and be safe.

As an additional result of the storm I am offering services at 25% off the regular rate for everyone.  An additional 25% off is offered to the men and women of hospital, fire, police and emergency services personnel.  These discounted rates will extend until the end of the month.


2 Computers Added to For Sale Section: Check it out!

Dell Dimension E510 Desktop with Windows XP

Unbranded Intel Atom Nettop with OS of your choice

About Me and Services Section up.

I added the about me and services section a few minutes ago.  This is just a preliminary setup until I make some updates and changes.  If you see any typos, misspelled words or poor grammar please feel free to let me know so I can fix it.