Woot.com order issue.

(Note: Image was accidentally deleted from my media folder.  It’s an old post anyway)

So I ordered a few hundred batteries on discount from woot.com the other day.  I got the following:

2×72 Packs AA

2×72 Packs AAA

2×8 Packs C

2×8 Packs D

All arrived pretty quick and on time for Christmas, however if you see in the picture one has already failed and crusted over all over the inside of the package.

I have since sent a message to woot support because this is the first time in years I have ever experienced a problem with them.  I am waiting for their response to this issue.  It’s just a shame that it will likely cost more to ship this back than to just call it a day and use the remaining batteries, though an odd amount.

Maybe they can offer free shipping on my next purchase or something, we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. admin says:

    Status Update: Woot could not offer a replacement but they issued me a refund for the entire pack of batteries. Woot.com is awesome and I highly recommend them.

    “Hi Michael,

    I’m unable to issue a replacement order, but I refunded your original payment method $8. Very sorry for any inconvenience.



    Woot Member Services”

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